Monday, June 13, 2011


Wow here it is summer conference time agqin for UAAE. Its amazing how quickly time flies by! It is always fun to get together with all the ag teachers from around the state. It makes you feel like you have 100 close friends. Tours were great but wish we would have had more time. Our guest speaker was amazing Stacey Bess the author of nobody dont love nobody, or also known as beyond the blackboard. It was a really amazing hallmark movie about a school with no name where she shares her story of her experience teaching the transients under the 6th south bridge in salt lkae. Truely inspirational story the main message she gave us is to show the students that we are human and that the students really just want to be loved. I think this is why i got along with some of my students better then others because we shared a connectedness and they could see me as human and not just some awnery teacher like the others they have. I feel a little awkward here because i feel like i dont beling. Im not like the rest of them but also im not teaching so i kind of dont belong here. I hate that feeling!!!!! I never really have felt completely accepted here i feel like i have to force myself into the little groups. Its like high school all over again sometimes anyways it feels that way. Well off to the steak fry to make new friends.

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