Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frustratedly unemployed....

So today I had a cousin point out to me that I can no longer say I am a  student when they ask for my occupation, I now have to say unemployed. It's kind of frustrating for me to have moved home and not to have a job, I thought I had 2 part time jobs lined up but one bailed on me so now I am just working one and that really doesn't pay the bills. To tell you the truth I actually don't even know how much I am actually making at my job, but then again I haven't even been around long enough to work I've been running here and there and the days I can actually work they don't need me, but the days they need me I am already busy with other plans. How am I supposed to pay for gas if I can't even get a job where I work... It's really frustrating for me that I can't even get a part time summer job, and here I am as of Saturday a college Grad with a BS degree, yet High school drop outs can get jobs. Its all really frustrating and everyone keeps telling me I need to be patient, but how patient can you be when you have loans that need to be paid off when you have no job. I live at home and am not loving that situation, but then again its free rent and luckily I haven't been home a lot lately and still have yet to unpack from moving home the 16th of April, I guess its my way of thinking that  if I stay packed the sooner I'll get a job and won't have to repack.  I'm thinking now I should have went into nursing, I could have actually used that field, I have had more experience in that field throughout my life then any other.  Since I'm not working I spend my days helping my grandma care for my grandpa, after his stroke he's become much weaker and she can't do as much as she used to either and can use all the help she can get. I just wish there was more I could do to help her out and more I could do to make him more comfortable. Its hurts me to see him in the condition he's in and I wish I could do something more.

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  1. Sounds like you're already doing what you can. Rock on, Megan.