Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reasons realized....

State Convention.... for those of you who have never been to a FFA convention, seriously you  need to go and see what I am talking about. It is something you look forward to every year.  So I know Delta doesn't seem like the dream place, but I am actually really grateful for the opprotunity to have the chance to student teach there. It has helped me realized why I wanted to teach Ag. So state convention was a dream come true!!! We had many students competing in various events, and we won either first or second in almost everything we competed in. It is amazing to see the students grow over the short period of time I have had with them as they have been preparing. They have been practicing and the preparing for the competitions/ events and that flame in them has grown stronger and  their desire to learn keeps growing. Its amazing to watch students you have met from all over the state and have seen throughout the years grow and progress, its the sense of accomplishment that you have helped them in someway get where they are today that makes me want to teach. The strong spirit of unity and leadership was amazing these past few days and  I can proudly say now that I am proud to be part of the RABBITS. They have something to be proud of, they are an amazing group of kids that  have a lot going for them. They have taught me alot over these last few months and I know its sad to say but I think I'll actually be sad to leave them.

Delta has shown me what I want in my future program and what  a little work can do after just a  little time, think about it. Mr. Warnick has only been teaching now for 4 years and has in my book one of the top chapters in the state.  Imagine what I can do once I start teaching, so he'd better watch out in a few years I'll be giving him some competition hopefully!!! But seriously this has been such an amazing experience for me to be able to see what an amazing chapter can be and what it takes to make one. I can't wait to start my own. So lets cross our fingers and start hoping jobs will start opening up.

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