Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh how I am blessed... David Archuleta

So temple blessings really do happen, I haven't been since before my back injury and kept telling myself I will go tomorrow. Well tomorrow came and went and I never did go, that was until Friday April 1st, and no this is not an April Fools Joke it was pretty much amazing!!! So since I kept saying tomorrow  I decided Friday was the day, I even wore my dress to school so that I could just stop on my way home from school and not have any excuses. Well I stayed later at school then planned, but am going to thank the two students that held me up at school. They will never believe what happened to me after that, I still am in shock a little. Well I had just finished getting my clothes and was getting ready to go change and this boy walks into get his clothes he has a smile on his face and kind of looked like it may have been his first time or something. So I go change and come out and sit on the bench to await my turn for confirmations and this boy comes and sits with me. Just me and him go in to get confirmed and I go first and he waited his turn. Then we switch spots he sits down closes his eyes and is ready to go but the bretheren had to ask his name, and he gets a smile on his face and says Archuleta. Archuleta, I had been thinking oh it could not be him ever since I first saw him, I'm just crazy for thinking it. So the brethern say oh I thought that was you David. I'm sure my eyes got really big once he said his name. I sat there and of course I couldnt really think of anything more then omg it really is him. Well we finish up and are walking out the door, well as you all know I'm not so shy anymore, of course I'm going to talk to him. So I turn to him and say I just want to say hello and tell you I'm proud you stick to your standards. Then we walked downt he hall to the baptistry, I was baptized first and then his turn was next well I went and got dressed and was just sitting there feeling the spirit and here he comes and walks in and sits behind me. He talked to the brethern on the back row and then sat there writing something and then on his way out, he stops behind me and  says Sister Allred right, what was your name so I told him and then we just chatted for a bit. Never thought that would ever happen to me. David is really humble, cute smile and didnt make a big deal about him, he acted as if he was just a typical person, I mean he is but he's also a very well known person and was humble about it all. What amazing blessings from the temple.

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