Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 2 your definition of success....

Sorry I know its way past day 2 but really should start it back up. I forget to get on here sometimes it takes me weeks to months.

Anyways my definition of success.... It doesn't always mean you have to have something huge to show success. Just making it through one day at a time can be a success, some days really are a struggle to make it through especially teaching teenagers. It's not always as easy and you think it may be, especially when you are only a few years older then them and almost all children and young adults have lost respect for other people. One of my greatest successes in my life is actually graduating college and getting a degree and a job where most people in my life said I never would actually be successful. Most of you know me well enough to know that I am stubborn when someone tells me I can't do something it just motivates me even more to prove them wrong.

For my chosen career I can't look at my paycheck as being successful, money isn't what makes us successful its being proud of making the accomplishment that took time getting too. I may not make nor ever will make as much as my siblings being a teacher, however I also can be happy doing what I am doing and feel successful, just as much as they do when their big checks come every month. My motto is do something you can be happy doing, not be miserable and have lots of money, because money really doesn't equal success like the world makes us think it does.

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  1. Exactly... I am so glad that you have this motto. That is one reason Clint doesnt have a so called job... He tried it for 3 months like 4 years ago and he was so miserable. Yes he might not ever be a millionaire training and shoeing horses but he is so happy doing it and to him it is seeing the results he gets which make him feel successful... Keep up the good work.